Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    Recently worked on the feature film, American Dresser, I had a few scenes with Tom Berenger, pretty cool week, good cast.

  • 02

    A good casting director or director knows I’m suggestible, its like being around an old friend. I show up on time, I know my lines, be in the moment, moment to unpredictable moment, know what your doing. That is worthy of watching.

  • 03

    from the sides they send over even if the script isn’t available for you, there are clues. It’s usually for extensional characters. Use your chutazah (we call that in Brooklyn) I’m open to all ideas. Investigation, trial and error its important, get with the coach and then go auditon.

  • 04

    I trained with William Esper at Esper Studios in NYC and with Wynn Handman over in Carnegie Hall. Training is important but it depends what type of actor you are.

Set Stills

  • It’s a 1980’s type of day.

  • Blocking a choking scene.
  • In this commercial I was part of a support group.
  • Working with the legendary Ed Asner. 
  • All dressed up in the “Dancer and The Boy”.
  • New York Magazine handyman press shot.
  • Played a Hassidic Jew in a promoting peace campaign.
  • Played transgender in, “Vanity”.
  • Played a cop in, “Leave it on the Floor”.IMAG0025
  • American Dresser, first day on set, working with Tom Berenger…Sgt. Barnes Platoon, what a day. Grateful.11898637_10156161932740647_1416668532387585838_n